In years past, much attention was given to stories related to illegal and illicit drug crimes, Those involving legal prescription drugs however, went largely unreported. Addiction to and abuse of prescription drugs has skyrocketed within the last decade. In fact during 2010 alone, more than 12 million Americans reported using a prescription painkiller for non-medical reasons.

The selling and trafficking of prescription drugs reaps big financial rewards for those who are successful. It also, however, can result in an individual facing felony drug charges, hefty fines, prison time and years of probation. Currently many states, including Colorado, have programs aimed to combat the selling and distribution of illegal prescription drugs. Despite these efforts, the number of Americans estimated to have overdosed as a result of taking prescription painkillers continues to rise each year.

A 46-year-old Colorado woman recently faced drug charges after she was arrested for selling ecstasy to an undercover police officer. Additionally, the woman was involved in the alleged trafficking and selling oxycodone pills. She was arrested by police along with 12 other individuals believed to be part of a prescription drug ring.

When discussing the 46-year-old woman’s case, her attorney noted that his client has no prior criminal record. Rather, he contended, she was someone who was influenced by others and simply got caught up in the whole situation. The judge in the case agreed. While the woman originally faced much more serious drug charges, her attorney was able to broker a plea deal.

The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine and three years probation. The judge cautioned, however, that the 46-year-old could face additional jail time if she violates the conditions of her probation.

This case illustrates how individuals can quickly and easy become caught up in drug crimes involving prescription drugs. In these types of cases, it’s critical to secure a skilled criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling drug crimes matters.

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Woman gets jail time in drug case,” Rudy Herndon, March 13, 2013