If Convicted Of Sexual Assault, Your Freedom Is At Stake

Penalties for felony sex crimes are very severe in Colorado. They may include an “indeterminate” sentence, which could result in lifetime probation or potentially life in prison. If you or a loved one is facing accusations of sexual assault, you need a skilled Boulder attorney with extensive experience in sexual assault defense and a keen understanding of the laws involved.

At The Moorhead Law Group, we understand the implications these penalties have on your future and your family. Our attorneys have been protecting the rights of individuals accused of sex crimes for more than two decades. As former prosecutors, we know the tactics and expectations the opposition has. Whether you choose a plea bargain or your case goes to trial, we will offer you excellent advice and advocate aggressively on your behalf.

The Possibility Of Being Incarcerated For Life

Colorado law 18-1.3-1004, Indeterminate Sentence for Sex Offenders, gives judges discretion to impose a sentence of a certain number of years, “or life” for a sex offense. A conviction requires a minimum sentence, which includes therapy. Once you have completed your sentence, the Colorado Parole Board or the probation department decides whether you deserve to be released from prison or probation. If you are not considered rehabilitated, you can be kept in prison or on probation for the rest of your natural life, regardless of the length of the original sentence. Since this law was instituted in 1998, only one person imprisoned under this act has been released.

Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the accusations against you and search for all possible defenses. We will put our many years of experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to work for you as we fight to prevent you from suffering an indeterminate sentence and the uncertainties it can bring.

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