Despite the fact that Colorado numbers among those states which legally allow marijuana to be used and grown for medicinal and recreational use, individuals can still find themselves accused of criminal wrongdoing by authorities. Several Colorado men are now facing drug charges in connection with alleged marijuana distribution. This will likely leave the men scrambling to prepare defenses against the charges as they seek the most positive outcome possible.

Officials claim that the men engaged in the illegal sale of marijuana to individuals from other states. The accusation partially centers on the fact that marijuana which would sell for a lower price in Colorado typically sells for two to three times that amount farther east. Authorities in this specific case reportedly set up a sting operation where they posed as drug buyers in search of high-grade marijuana.

They allege that the accused individuals agreed to sell them 70 pounds of marijuana for approximately $231,000. This ultimately led to the men being arrested and charged with distribution of marijuana, according to police allegations. This investigation crossed jurisdictions and involved police from at least two states.

In the wake of this investigation, the men facing drug charges will need to carefully consider the options available to them. A drug conviction can cause serious consequences that could include jail time, financial fines and damage to a person’s reputation. This makes it imperative for accused individuals to fully understand all of the charges as well as the potential defenses they could raise, or any opportunities to negotiate a plea deal with officials.

Source: Florida Today, Brevard marijuana investigation leads to arrest of Colorado men, J.D. Gallop, Oct. 15, 2013