It is not recent news that Colorado has legalized marijuana. However, synthetic marijuana, known as “spice,” is still illegal in this state as well as across the country. The recent arrest of two Colorado residents reflects this notion. The two face federal narcotics offenses for supposedly operating a business that sold spice in this state as well as another.

From 2012 until Aug. 2013, the married couple owned a smoke shop in another state. After Aug. 2013, they allegedly moved the shop to Colorado. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency worked with state and local police departments to target spice sales across the country in an undercover operation, and they began investigating the couple.

The drug spice is a cannabinoid made synthetically from a certain chemical. The drug is popular among teens and young adults, but it is very dangerous. Spice was linked to about 220 hospital visits last year as well as one death in Colorado. The authorities were able to obtain a search warrant on the couple’s smoke shop — the details of which were not made publicly available — and they supposedly seized a large amount of spice. The two have been accused of operating a drug-involved business.

Being accused of federal narcotics offenses is a very serious crime. However, just like with any other crime, sufficient evidence must be brought forth by the prosecution in order for a conviction to be obtained. Contrarily, the couple can also begin forming a solid criminal defense against the Colorado charges in an effort to present a persuasive defense against the accusations.

Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, ” Drug suspects remain jailed”, Robert Boczkiewicz, May 12, 2014