Many Colorado children grow up idolizing police officers. Heralded as protectors of justice and pursuers of villains and criminals, police officers are often esteemed members of society. In some cases, however, police officers have been found to abuse their positions of power and commit crimes that are more egregious than those committed by those individuals they pursue.

One man recently filed a lawsuit against a police officer who he contends is guilty of using excessive force. According to the lawsuit, the man telephoned 911 related to a domestic dispute between his girlfriend and her brother. Shortly thereafter, two police officers arrived at the man’s home. Upon exiting the home to speak with the responding officers, the man claims he was handcuffed, sprayed with pepper spray and placed in the back of the police car.

According to the lawsuit, the two police officers then proceeded to drive to a remote location. At this time, the man asserts that one of the officers dragged him from the back of the vehicle and began to repeatedly punch and kick him.

Eventually, the police officers took the man to the police station where he was booked and then to a hospital for medical treatment. As a result of the excessive force carried out by the officer, the man suffered numerous and painful injuries including a broken nose and bruises to his ribs and face.

The man was facing criminal charges related to both domestic battery as well as battery on a police officer. The charges, however, were dismissed after the man’s girlfriend disputed the facts of the case. The man recently filed a lawsuit against the police officer and police department, claiming the officer used excessive force.

Colorado residents who believe they have been the victim of excessive force by members of law enforcement may choose to discuss their case with a criminal defense attorney. In some cases, individuals who are facing criminal charges are victims of abuse and excessive force by police officers. These individuals, however, often fear additional punishment or persecution and therefore fail to come forward.

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Logan Co. deputy accused of excessive force,” Lawrence Smith, July 12, 2013