A man was arrested for purportedly stealing merchandise and memorabilia from the Colorado State University-Pueblo baseball facility. The man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items and allegedly trying to pawn them. The Colorado man was charged with felony theft and felony burglary after the alleged incident.

Late last month, members of the baseball staff reported that the facility had been broken into and numerous items were missing. Among these items were autographed photos, baseball bats and fielding gloves. It is unclear why, but the police suspected that someone had been trying to pawn the items. Some deputies allegedly found the 27-year-old outside of a pawn shop wearing CSU-Pueblo practice gear.

The officers wanted to search the man’s vehicle, but he refused. However, the officers claimed to have seen items that could have matched the description of some of the stolen property, so they proceeded to impound and then search the man’s vehicle. They claimed to have found many stolen items in the man’s vehicle, so they issued an arrest warrant and arrested him at his parents’ residence without incident. He is accused of stealing approximately $20,000 worth of property from the baseball facility.

If convicted of both felony theft and felony burglary, the Colorado man would face a potential sentence that could include many years in jail. As the prosecution works to gather evidence in an attempt to use it against the man, the man may benefit by focusing on preparing a solid criminal defense against the accusations. This can help to examine whether all proper procedures were followed during the search and subsequent arrest, and the defense team will necessarily safeguard the man’s legal rights through every stage of the pending criminal proceedings.

Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, Arrest made in CSU-Pueblo baseball burglary, Ryan Severance, Feb. 23, 2014