A 21-year-old man has been arrested in relation to a recent fatal hit-and-run accident. Colorado police suspect that the young man struck and fatally injured an individual who had been passenger of a stranded vehicle and was attempting to signal for help. The accused man has been arrested on two separate counts relating to the accident, including vehicular homicide.

According to the arrest report, a vehicle with three occupants was traveling on Colo. 115 when the driver lost control, and the vehicle overturned on the side of the road. The occupants were unharmed from the initial accident, and the three exited the vehicle and attempted to signal to other motorists for assistance by the roadside. Additionally, a physical altercation reportedly occurred among the three passengers, allegedly due to the driver being upset.

As the three continued to signal for help, a vehicle traveling south struck one of the passengers, and that person died from the resulting injuries. The report does not state whether that person was still on the side of the road, or if that person was actually in the driving lane potentially due to the altercation. Supposedly, police received a tip leading to the arrest of the Colorado man.

The man faces charges of vehicular homicide as well as causing an accident resulting in death. The report does not state whether Colorado police have discovered any physical evidence potentially incriminating the man, or if the anonymous tip is their only lead. In the event that enough evidence is found for the prosecution to move the case forward, the man will surely benefit from gaining knowledge about the options in his specific case in order to strengthen his criminal defense.

Source: The Canon City Daily Record, Florence man Jesse Plouvier arrested in fatal hit-and-run accident, Christy Steadman, Dec. 10, 2013