A young man was recently arrested and accused of being involved in a violent crime. The man is accused of murdering a Colorado resident then setting fire to the man’s home, where the 22-year-old was also living. He was taken into police custody on charges of suspicion of murder and arson.

The man was not a Colorado native, and he had just moved into the victim’s home about a week or two prior to the incident. Some of the victim’s neighbors stated that the man moved in after reportedly seeing the ad on Craigslist. The neighbors also commented that the suspect had complained to them about the living situation.

The neighbors claim that the man was unhappy about the price of rent. The victim was also supposedly unhappy about the living situation, and he had purportedly told neighbors that he was going to ask the suspect to move out. When the authorities arrived at the residence after it had been set on fire, they reportedly found that the victim had suffered multiple stab wounds before the fire started. The police suspect that the fire was intentionally set in an attempt to cover up the body.

The authorities stated that the investigation into the crime has only just started. It seems as if the only motive the police have formulated as to why the suspect would murder the Colorado man is that neither of them were happy with their living situation. Whether that is a realistic motive for murder remains to be seen. As the investigation continues, it is possible that evidence might be found that works in the man’s favor, and ultimately one or both of the charges he faces could be reduced or even eventually dropped.

Source: CBS Denver, Renter Arrested After 1 Found Dead In Burning Home, No author, March 17, 2014