A man has recently been arrested after a fatal single car crash in Fort Collins. Colorado police suspect that the man was driving
under the influence as well as speeding, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and injure his three passengers, including his son. The man, who had recently been released from jail, is now in police custody again.

According to the report, the 45-year-old father was driving his 21-year-old son and two other passengers in his Chevy Silverado in Larimer County. The man apparently lost control of the vehicle as he attempted to make a right hand turn, causing the truck to crash and roll sideways into a fence. All four occupants were thrown from the vehicle; two of the passengers sustained serious injuries, and the man’s son died from his injuries in the crash.

Police suspect that speeding was a factor in the crash, and they also suspect that the man was driving under the influence, but the report does not say whether any field sobriety tests were administered. However, a connection to the police’s suspicions could be that the man had recently been incarcerated on a former DUI charge. The man was arrested following the crash, and he faces charges relating to the incident.

Even though THE police may have suspected that the Colorado man was driving under the influence because of his previous DUI charge, an accused person’s previous conviction does not prove that the person is guilty in a different case. If this suspicion is the only potential evidence that the prosecution may have against the man, and if no field sobriety tests were given, it is unlikely that the prosecution will be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the man is guilty of DUI. In this event, the charges against him would likely be dropped or reduced.

Source: USA Today,
Man arrested in back-to-back drunk-driving cases, Trevor Hughes, Dec. 27, 2013