Place Your Future And Your Freedom In Our Hands

When you have been arrested for a crime, no matter how serious, your fate rests as much with the lawyer you choose as it does with the judge or the prosecutor. Make sure you work with an attorney who understands the criminal justice system, knows the law and has your best interests in mind.

At The Moorhead Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors and have been practicing in Boulder County for more than 30 years. Their knowledge of the law and of the legal system is extensive. They have been the attorneys of record on thousands of cases, helping clients through difficult situations involving:

Our firm handles bankruptcy, misdemeanors, felonies and juvenile crimes for individuals all over Colorado.

The Potential Consequences Of Your Arrest

One of the first issues we discuss when you come in for your free initial consultation is the penalties you may face. We want you to be aware of all possible outcomes so you can make educated decisions regarding your future. The criminal justice system can severely penalize those it catches, rightly or wrongly. You need a skilled defense lawyer on your side.

Each of our clients’ circumstances is unique. We take that into account as we craft a strategy that fits your needs and shows you in the best light to the prosecutor and the judge. We understand that your legal problem is a significant factor in your life. We respect that and will pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

Do Not Risk Your Future

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