Individuals who have been arrested on charges related to drunk driving and drugs often speak openly about the adverse implications of such charges. A DUI arrest not only has immediate financial implications, but such charges can also result in an individual spending time behind bars and potentially losing their job. What’s more, friends and family members may shun or ostracize an individual due to a DUI or drug charge.

Growing up, children are taught to follow the rules and trust individuals in positions of authority. This is especially true of police officers who are often viewed as being heroes. For at least three men, however, the alleged corrupt actions of one police officer have forever marred this image.

Three men recently filed wrongful-arrest charges against a police officer who they accuse of arresting them on false DUI and drug charges. The arrests, the men contend, were made in an attempt to cover up corrupt actions on the part of the police officer to extort and steal money from the men.

The officer in question, was recently arrested after it was discovered he had accepted a $5,000 bribe. After the officer’s arrest, charges against some of those men and women he had arrested were dropped. One 20-year-old man recently spoke out about his false DUI arrest by the police officer and how he lost his job as a result.

A DUI or drug arrest can be costly both personally and financially. In many cases, such criminal charges result in an individual spending thousands of dollars on court fees and may also result in an individual serving time in behind bars and losing his or her job. While the majority of police officers are law-abiding, this case proves that there are some who prey upon those members of our population who are least likely or able to fight back.

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Men claim Chicago cop falsely arrested them for DUI,” Frank Main, May 24, 2013