A former Colorado Springs pastor was arrested on several charges stemming from an alleged online scheme. The man purportedly began conversations with gay men online with the intention of meeting and intimidating them. He was arrested and accused of felonies that include robbery, kidnapping and impersonating an officer of the peace.

Friends say that the pastor’s life began to spiral out of control when he was diagnosed with cancer while trying to raise a young child. The man with firm Christian beliefs supposedly disapproved of homosexuality, and the police presumably suspect that this disapproval led the man to begin forming his online scheme. The scheme allegedly began by the pastor posing as a man named “Mike” who agreed to have sexual intercourse with other men.

A victim purportedly came forward in the investigation and told authorities that the pastor assaulted, handcuffed and searched him upon arriving at the motel where the two agreed to meet. The victim claims that the pastor supposedly stole his iPhone, debit card and car keys. The pastor purportedly impersonated a U.S. Marshal — with a fake badge that he supposedly used for identification — and he allegedly claimed that he was using the items as “evidence” in his case against the victim.

The way the report is written, it appears that there may be some question about the man’s emotional stability. For this reason, the Colorado man’s criminal defense may include a request for a court-ordered mental evaluation to determine whether he is fit to stand trial with respect to the felonies of which he has been accused. Especially if the man is found to be suffering from some sort of mental impairment, every reasonable effort will be necessary to safeguard his legal rights during all aspects of the pending criminal proceedings.

Source: CBS Denver, Springs Pastor Arrested For Kidnapping, Robbery & Impersonating Police, Brian Maass, Jan. 27, 2014