A man who used to play football for the University of Colorado is facing updated criminal charges filed against him in relation to an incident that occurred earlier this year. The man, who transferred out of state, may now have to seek additional information to help him as he works on his criminal defense. He was already working to clear his name regarding an accusation that he assaulted another man.

The athlete, who is 21, had been accused of causing serious harm to another individual during a fight that happened in May. It is alleged that an armed forces recruit sustained an injury during an altercation that rendered him unconscious. Another football player was allegedly involved in the fight as well.

The man, who now plays for the University of Nebraska, is also being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. However, the weapon in question is his hands. The man has already entered a plea of not guilty to the first assault charge. His attorney has indicated that he will enter a plea of not guilty to the new accusation as well.

The condition of the man who was allegedly assaulted is unknown. It is also unknown at this time whether he recovered from any injuries he is said to have sustained. In the meantime, the new round of criminal charges that have been brought against this young man by Colorado prosecutors will surely also be vigorously fought as he obtains information and knowledge that will allow him a strong criminal defense in this matter. There is a substantial difference between allegations of criminal conduct and a conviction gained after trial. Before that can occur, prosecutors will have the burden of meeting an exacting measure of proof by competent and relevant evidence.

Source: The Washington Post, Prosecutors seek additional charge against former Colorado lineman over May fight, No author, Nov. 5, 2013