With the large amount of technology available at banks, police can often use the technology to gather a wide range of evidence. This evidence at times can lead Colorado authorities to believe that the same suspects committed multiple robberies, due to the similar appearances of the robbers that is caught on video. In such cases however, further evidence may need to be gathered to show that the same person or persons are responsible for the numerous felonies they are alleged to have committed, which could pose a significant problem for prosecutors.

Police have claimed that they have the three individuals in custody who were responsible for robbing eight banks. Two brothers and their father were recently taken into custody as a result of a lengthy investigation by police. Law enforcement claims that the photos they have, along with tips from the public as to who was responsible, lead them to suspect the trio.

After gathering further evidence, including surveillance by officers on a local hotel, police were able to secure a search warrant to raid the room where the father and his sons were staying. Police claim that the two sons were responsible for robbing the banks, while the father served as the getaway driver. It is unclear when the men will make their initial appearance in court to answer to the charges.

Although video evidence may appear to be strong in this case, the reliance on such technology can be fraught with potential perils. The quality of the video and the analysis of what is actually shows, may raise some doubt as to the actual identity of the individuals. This may create some doubt as to who was responsible for committing the alleged felonies and thus could lead a Colorado jury to find some or all of the defendants not-guilty.

Source: koaa.com, Kirsten Boyd, Sept. 5, 2013