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<p>Many Colorado residents likely remember the 2000 hit movie Erin Brockovich. Based on a true story of a paralegal who becomes an unlikely hero after embarking on crusade against Pacific Gas &amp; Electric, the movie was a box-office success which resulted in Julia Roberts winning an Academy Award. In the years since the movie’s release, the real Erin Brockovich has also attained professional success as she continues to fight against businesses and companies who she asserts are polluting our nation’s water supply.</p>
<p>Recently, Brockovich gained media attention for a very different reason when she was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI charge. The 52-year-old’s arrest followed a reported incident that occurred aboard a boat. On a Friday evening, a state game warden reportedly witnessed Brockovich and her husband arguing aboard a boat while attempting to dock. According to the police report, the warden witnessed the couple fighting and Brockovich throwing a cellphone into the water.</p>
<p>Brockovich then allegedly attempted to dock the boat in the marina before requiring the assistance of the game warden. Upon docking, Brockovich was given two breath tests which registered a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit. She was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor
<a href=”/dui-dwai/”>DUI</a> related to operating a boat while intoxicated.
<p>Speaking in her defense, Brockovich argued she did not &quot;operate the boat while in open water&quot; and her actions posed &quot;no public safety risk&quot;. She did, however, apologize for her actions and admitted she &quot;knows better&quot;. Brockovich could face jail time as well as a fine of up to $1,000. Additionally, she may be ordered to complete drug and alcohol counseling courses as well as perform community service.</p>
<p>The most damaging impact of Brockovich’s arrest and criminal charge, however, is to her reputation. In many cases, individuals facing charges related to DUI face scrutiny and ridicule by family, friends, work colleagues and members of the community. Unfortunately, in this case, Brockovich is a public figure and her arrest will likely hurt her reputation and distract from her professional accomplishments.</p>
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