The War on Drugs is Still in Full Force

Colorado’s perceived attitude toward drugs may appear to have relaxed since the legalization of marijuana at the beginning of 2014. However, the police are using the time and resources they formerly spent pursuing marijuana convictions to focus on the more serious controlled dangerous substances (CDS) like heroin, cocaine and prescription drug fraud.

If you or a loved one is under investigation or you have already been arrested and charged with drug possession or distribution, don’t assume anything and don’t talk to the deputy district attorney about your case until you speak with our Boulder defense attorneys. We are former prosecutors with more than 25 years of experience. Our firm is recognized as one of the premier drug crimes defense firms in the Front Range region.

A note to parents of minor-aged college students facing drug charges

Criminal drug charges often have very serious and life-changing consequences, including extensive jail time, and loss of employment and student loans. We approach each case individually, carefully examining all of the evidence to find the best course of action and achieve the best outcome for every single client.

Colorado Drug Crime Considerations

In spite of the legalization of marijuana, you can still be charged with a criminal offense for drug possession and it will go on your record, even though it is nowhere near as serious an offense as it used to be. Regardless of the drug you were caught with, prosecutors often tack on additional charges, in order to have the best chance of a conviction. No matter how small the amount of any drug in your possession, you can be charged with distribution, conspiracy and other charges that exacerbate the offense and result in more severe charges. Under Colorado statutes, if the amount of a drug in your possession exceeds a certain volume — even if it is intended for personal use — you face a mandatory prison sentence.

The Moorhead Law Group understands the intricacies of criminal prosecution and knows the areas to challenge so you receive the best possible defense. We will review all discovery from the prosecution and evaluate the accuracy of their test results. We will also determine whether there are any motions we can file to limit or remove the impact of the evidence against you. This might include a motion to suppress due to illegal search and seizure, motions to quash search warrants, or a motion to identify law enforcement informants.

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