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<p>The passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64 effectively legalized the use of marijuana for adults age 21 and up. Currently, marijuana dispensaries catering to individuals with a medical marijuana license exist throughout the state. The passage of Amendment 64 has raised several questions related to the potential explosion of recreational dispensaries, specifically with regard to potential federal
<a href=”/drug-crimes/”>drug charges</a> those operating such businesses may face.
<p>The major unknown factor in the recreational marijuana equation is the federal government. While Colorado state law permits individuals age 21 and over to use and posses up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants, federal law still views these actions as criminal.</p>
<p>While the Obama administration has been fairly vocal in admitting they don’t plan to aggressively pursue criminal charges against Colorado residents who choose to possess, smoke or grow pot that could change if the recreational marijuana business expands. For many Colorado pot dispensary owners, the threat of possible criminal charges prevents them from expanding their business</p>
<p>In Boulder County alone, more than 500,000 adults are regular users of marijuana. The county currently has distributed 67 grow house licenses and Boulder city has a total of 32 dispensaries. Growing concern over possible federal criminal charges among some within the city and county have lead to measures being proposed that would limit the number of grow house and dispensary business licenses issued. Also, some have proposed measures that would aim to prohibit businesses from expanding into the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes.</p>
<p>Individuals who are facing criminal drug charges related to marijuana would be wise to contact a criminal defense professional. While the passage of Amendment 64 has made many of Colorado’s drug laws related to the growing and sale of marijuana more lenient, such criminal charges can still have an adverse impact on an individual’s personal and professional life.</p>
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