Colorado residents may or may not be aware of the consequences a person can face as the result of criminal drug charges. Stories regarding this topic are often published in local media outlets and widely discussed. People can at times be quick to judge based on the published information. A recent story discussed the punishment two women are facing as a result of criminal drug charges.

The case began when officers received information that a woman was traveling to either sell or buy some type of narcotic. Officers were able to locate and stop the vehicle. It was reported that the driver of the vehicle consented to a search. During their search, officers reportedly found large quantities of methamphetamine and unspecified drug paraphernalia.

Sentencing has yet to occur, but the passenger of the vehicle is facing up to 50 years in prison. The driver, however, took a plea deal and is facing prison time of up to five years. When facing serious charges such as these, knowing all available options can prove to be valuable information.

Any Colorado resident facing criminal drug charges may benefit from knowing their rights under the applicable state laws. Although this can be a difficult and stressful time for the defendant, having an understanding of what to expect and knowing the best way to move forward can help a person move forward with confidence. With an understanding of all options and moving forward with all available information, a person can be more hopeful that the best possible outcome will be achieved.

Source:, Colorado woman found guilty on drug charge, Maunette Loeks, Sept. 17, 2013