As the summer winds down and Colorado residents prepare to celebrate Labor Day, state police are ramping up efforts to crack down on drunk driving. The Labor Day Holiday DUI enforcement campaign is the most recent of several similar campaigns recently enacted by the Colorado State Patrol to curb drunk driving.

As part of their efforts, state police are planning an increased presence on Colorado roads during 2013 for 12 designated holidays and events which often result in a spike in DUIs. Efforts to identify drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol include DUI sobriety checkpoints and additional police patrols.

The implications of a drunk driving conviction can be serious and result in an individual incurring penalties, fines and being forced to serve time behind bars. What’s more, individuals who have been arrested and convicted of a DUI are often ostracized by family and friends and may face prejudice from potential employers. For these reasons, individuals facing DUI charges would be wise to contact an experienced DUI attorney.

In many cases, a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling DUI cases can negotiate more favorable terms that may lead to a reduction in fines and penalties and reduced jail sentences. Additionally, in some cases, a defense attorney may be able to prove that the results of a blood alcohol test are invalid or inadmissible in court.

Criminal charges related to a DUI are serious and can negatively impact an individual’s life and livelihood. Colorado residents who are facing possible DUI charges would be wise to consult with a defense attorney who can advise a client about their options and help provide for the best possible legal outcome.

Source: The Fort Morgan Times, ”
Colorado State Police impaired driving crackdown beings this week,” Aug. 15, 2013