Colorado residents may or may not be aware of the repercussions of driving under the influence. While this is a serious offense, at times people can make a onetime mistake, be able to quickly recover and move on with their lives. A man recently arrested is facing driving under the influence charges after some unusual circumstances.

The 21-year-old man was reportedly vomiting around 2 am outside of his vehicle. When officers attempted to make contact with the man, he ran off. Officers were able to apprehend the man at which time they determined he had also defecated on himself. The police officer’s report revealed the man stated he ran because he was scared.

The man’s blood alcohol content was not released and it was not reported if a field sobriety test was performed. The man is also facing charges for violating a protection order although details surrounding those charges were not released. Charges for obstructing an officer were also filed. Since not many details were given in the press release, having the details in court may prove critical in the man’s defense.

Any Colorado resident facing charges for driving under the influence could benefit from having an understanding of their rights under the applicable state laws. Many things can come into play when a person faces their charges, including any prior charges or convictions. Having a knowledge of one’s rights can help the person better understand what to expect and know the best way to move forward. With the proper understanding, a person can be more hopeful to face the charges and return to their daily life.

Source:, Boulder police: 21-year-old DUI suspect pooped his pants because he was afraid of getting caught, Anica Padilla, Sept. 3, 2013