Police have arrested and charged a 24-year-old man for allegedly trespassing on a college dorm, theft and other crimes. Most notably, the young Colorado man has been charged with invasion of privacy for allegedly filming a young woman taking a shower in her dorm. The
theft and property crimes that the man has been accused of come with serious consequences. Therefore, it will be important for him to issue forth a well-planned and strategic
criminal defense.

One witness claims that she saw the man inside the dorm and assumed nothing of it since it was a co-ed dorm. Later, she walked past the girls’ bathroom and alleges she saw the man standing inside the bathroom with a recording-capable phone out. The young woman says she froze, and the man ran past her, out the door and was no longer to be seen.

Campus police personnel allege that surveillance cameras caught the man’s presence inside the dorm on video. Police forwarded out an alert to be seen by the entire college with the surveillance photos included. Someone who had seen him on Facebook later identified the man which led to his arrest.

The man has since been charged with theft in addition to trespassing and voyeurism crimes. Further, police allege that he tried to steal a laptop while inside the dorm. However, he allegedly put the computer back down after being confronted.

The charges faced by this Colorado man are serious, but that does not mean he will not benefit from a well-planned criminal defense. Depending on the facts of the case, he may be able to get many of his charges dropped. If he can get the more severe charges dropped, relating to the theft and property crimes, he will significantly better his situation when it comes time for the judge to make a decision with regard to sentencing. In the best of outcomes for the accused, an attorney may be able to get all of one’s charges dropped and the accused can walk free of the allegations.

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