A man has recently been arrested for his alleged involvement with a serious crime that occurred at a Lakewood motel. Colorado police suspect that the 21-year-old committed a homicide inside one of the motel rooms. He now faces charges of first-degree murder, and he remains in custody as the investigation continues.

According to the report, a body was found in a Lakewood motel room. Officers left and returned to the scene with a search warrant. Investigators at the scene were able to determine that the person’s death was a case of homicide, and police began searching for potential suspects.

Originally, the man was taken into custody and interrogated as a potential suspect in the case. It is not clear why police initially suspected him and wanted to interview him. After his interview, police decided to arrest and formally charge the man for the murder. The details of the interrogation have not been made public at this time, so it is not yet known what led police to formally charge him.

The Colorado man was taken into custody at around 2:20 a.m. on first-degree murder charges. Since the investigation is still underway, it is possible that, as more evidence arises, police could possibly find that the man is not the person responsible for the homicide. If this situation occurs, then the charges against the man would likely be dropped or reduced based upon the updated findings. However, it would be advisable for the man to focus on preparing his criminal defense in the event that his case does move forward before the court.

Source: westword.com,
Murder suspect Cody Kaye Sewick arrested for death found at Denver West Inn in Lakewood, Michael Roberts, Dec. 11, 2013

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