Don’t Let One Mistake Ruin Your Future

As a student at University of Colorado at Boulder, Naropa or any of the other colleges and universities in and around Boulder, you have certain codes of conduct that you are required to follow in order to remain enrolled. Being arrested for a crime of any kind violates those codes and may result in you being expelled from school and forfeiting your scholarships and federal grants. These penalties come on top of whatever punishments you are facing for the crime you are accused of committing. If you or someone you love has been arrested, you need a Boulder attorney with experience in college student crime defense.

The Moorhead Law Group represents college students who have come into conflict with the law. Our former prosecutors have been in practice for more than 25 years. They have defended the rights of thousands of individuals in Colorado. We know what is at stake and will endeavor to keep your record and your future safe.

Stretching The Boundaries

For most college students, this is a time of personal learning and growth. Many young people push against restrictions they may have felt in the past. When those restrictions include potentially illegal activities students need to make sure their rights are protected.

Our firm represents college students accused of:

  • Underage DUI
  • Drug possession
  • Sexual assault
  • Date rape
  • Fake IDs
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

We will assess your situation and let you know the best and worst case scenarios. We put your situation in perspective and find the right solution to your problem. Diversion programs, which can result in a clean record after fulfillment are available in some cases. If these are applicable in your situation, we will pursue them as an alternative to other, harsher punishments.

If your case requires going to court, we are accomplished trial lawyers who will stand up for your rights. We can also represent you in CU Boulder student conduct hearings. We understand how important it is to you to keep your record clean and your education on track. Our attorneys will fight to protect your freedom and your future.

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Jordan M.

“Greatly appreciate the work that David does. He is extremely helpful and a great guy to talk to.”



David helped my brother resolve a case that was dragging on and on with a public defender within 10 days of me reaching out to him (and got a much better deal for my brother). Worth the money and is very nice to work with!

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Mr. Moorhead is professional and intelligent. He is extremely good at navigating the legal system. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services.

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David Moorhead was a miracle worker. We hired him to finish a case that kept going on and on for years by an overworked public defender. He got it done in days. Not only did he get it done in days, he went beyond what we hired him to do and got a way better agreement than we anticipated. I can’t recommend him enough.

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David Moorhead exceeded my expectations. He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to manage my case and how to speak to the DA to get the outcome I desired. I was amazed at the outcome of my case. David made it quick, simple and painless. I would recommend him over and over again to anyone needing legal assistance.

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