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<p>Most celebrities who are arrested for drunk driving have figured out that it’s best to negotiate a plea and take their medicine in a humble way. Of course, if one is falsely arrested for DUI, then even a celebrity will appropriately defend against the charges. In Colorado, the celebrity co-owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, Charlie Monfort, was arrested in the late evening of Nov. 4 for
<a href=”/dui-dwai/”>DUI</a>.
<p>Monfort was arrested in Windsor, which is north of Denver. The police chief in that town didn’t have any details. Despite the lack of details, the defendant issued a statement apologizing to his family, the public and Rockies fans for his wrongful behavior. The statement left no room for a later defense to the charges.</p>
<p>It thus appears that Mr. Monfort, perhaps even under the advice or at least permission of counsel, is taking the approach of accepting with humility his violation. He also admitted to having a &quot;problem&quot; and dedicated himself to doing what is necessary to confront and deal with it. He reportedly had a prior offense in 1999, but had entered a plea of guilty to a lesser traffic offense.</p>
<p>Technically, he has no prior offenses, which will help him to get a sentence that will stress training, alcohol abstention programs, and loss of driver’s license instead of incarceration. However, in any case where there are recent prior offenses, DUI resulting in serious injury to others, or other aggravating circumstances, a much stricter sentence will be ordered. As the aggravating factors pile up, the sentence is likely to include some incarceration. In cases where an innocent victim is killed by a drunk driver in an accident, there are mandatory prison sentences that must be served.</p>
<p>Although no details were immediately available, it appears that Monfort doesn’t have to deal with any of the above aggravating factors. However, despite the seemingly smooth circumstances, he’ll need to consult with Colorado defense counsel immediately to chart out the strategy and necessary actions to follow with respect to this DUI. Until the matter is successfully concluded at sentencing and thereafter in the completion of the punishment and conditions, the defendant will have to remain fully focused on complying with all of the details of the sentence.</p>
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