The safety for the Denver Broncos, T.J. Ward, was recently arrested on criminal charges. Ward is accused of disturbing the peace and misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident at a Colorado strip club. Ward is expected back in court to continue his criminal process on June 23.

On May 10, Ward went to a strip club in Denver, and he had a question about whether he could bring his own alcohol into the facility. Ward claims that the management conveyed that he was allowed to bring alcohol into the club. However, club staff confronted him about the alcohol, and an argument supposedly broke out. The details of the argument were not publicly released, but Ward was arrested and charged with assault and disturbing the peace. He was taken into police custody for his misdemeanor charges under a $1,900 bond.

During the off season, Ward signed a four-year contract with the Broncos for $22.5 million. Depending on the outcome of the criminal charges, Ward could possibly be punished under the National Football League’s personal code of conduct policy. So far, no punishment from the league has occurred.

When celebrities or athletes get arrested for assault or any other crime, the media can blow the situation out of proportion and spin the case to look like something it is not. However, it is crucial to remember that all persons accused of a crime in Colorado — even celebrities or athletes — are only accused, and they are innocent until and unless proven guilty by sufficient evidence in court. Ward should strive to protect his legal rights as the criminal process continues.

Source: NBC Sports, “T.J. Ward appears in court, issued summons for strip club incident“, Josh Alper, May 23, 2014