Individuals accused of crimes related to the possession or distribution of child pornography, would be wise to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Such criminal charges are extremely serious in nature and individuals charged with sex crimes are often subject to lengthy prison sentences as well as years of probation. What’s more, individuals charged of sex crimes are required to submit to the terms of the Colorado’s sex offender registry.A 42-year-old man, who was employed as a special education teacher at Boulder High School, was recently arrested on charges related to the possession of child pornography. Police searched the man’s home and personal computer after a woman who lived with the 42-year-old contacted police and expressed concern over images she saw on the man’s computer.

Upon searching the man’s computer, police officers found around 100 images of minors which were considered pornographic in nature. When questioned by police officers about the images and whether he had downloaded them, the 42-year-old answered “I don’t think so”.

The man admitted he had come across what he described as “disturbing” images when searching for adult pornography. The 42-year-old further contended that when downloading adult pornography the ages of the females depicted in the videos is difficult to discern. He went on to assert he bookmarked some of the offensive sites so he knew which websites to avoid.

As a result of his arrest, the man was placed on administration leave from his teaching position and subsequently fired. He has currently been charged with one criminal count of sexual exploitation of a child in Adam’s County and is awaiting a preliminary hearing on the matter.

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Former Boulder special education teacher facing child porn charges in Adams County,” Mitchell Byars, July 2, 2013