Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious matter. Although DUI in the city of Boulder has been in a declining trend over the past decade, education is still important. There are still too many teens as well as adults in Boulder drinking or doing drugs and driving. The choice to get behind the wheel under the influence comes not only with the risks of loss of license and driving privileges, but more importantly, the risks of loss of life. Hopefully these statistics will be a reminder that Boulder City still has much work to do to combat this problem.

Overall DUI Statistics – Boulder, CO

Boulder DUI Arrests

Although we see a slight peak in 2012, the overall trend for DUI arrests in Boulder has been moving downward for the past 7 years. 2016 had the lowest amount of DUI arrests so far since 2009.

2009 boulder DUI arrests graph
Year DUI Arrests
2009 768
2010 763
2011 669
2012 698
2013 588
2014 542
2015 516
2016 419

Boulder DUI Arrests by Month

For overall DUI arrests, on average, May has been the month with the highest number of arrests over the past 7 years, followed by March and January. Higher numbers in the Spring months makes sense due to nicer weather after Winter and Spring Break for High School and College Students.

Boulder DUI arrests by month graph
Month DUI Arrests
Jan 473
Feb 458
Mar 518
Apr 438
May 537
June 339
Month DUI Arrests
Jul 389
Avg 449
Sep 359
Oct 390
Nov 409
Dec 420

Boulder DUI Arrests by Age

Ages 19-24 consistently had the most DUI arrests over the past 7 years and these figures show that the greatest need for education is still among teens and young adults.

Boulder DUI arrests by age graph
Age DUI Arrests
15 2
16 15
17 40
18 87
19 195
20 234
21 403
22 399
Age DUI Arrests
23 339
24 342
25 240
26 235
27 208
28 184
29 165
30 162

Boulder DUI Arrests by Substance

Alcohol is by far the most used substance when driving under the influence. Although the trend for DUI arrests in Boulder is downward, the dangers of drinking and driving is the area most in need of additional education and prevention.

Boulder DUI arrests by substance pie chart
Substance DUI Arrests
Alcohol 4330
Drugs 354
Alcohol & Drugs 479

Teen DUI Statistics – Boulder, CO

Boulder Teen DUI Arrests

Teen DUI Arrests in Boulder saw a large decline starting in 2012 and have continued to trend downward. 2016 Saw 27 DUI arrests among teens, showing the need for continued vigilance in educating young people about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Boulder teen DUI arrests
Year DUI Arrests
2009 55
2010 62
2011 54
2012 36
2013 33
2014 28
2015 32
2016 27

Boulder Teen DUI Arrests by Month

On average, teen DUI arrests in Boulder have been significantly higher in February and March, perhaps due to increased boredom or depression from the Winter season.

Boulder teen dui arrests by month
Month DUI Arrests
Jan 27
Feb 41
Mar 39
Apr 24
May 25
June 27
Month DUI Arrests
Jul 16
Avg 31
Sep 26
Oct 36
Nov 29
Dec 18

Boulder Teen DUI Arrests by Age

Clearly as teens get closer to legal drinking age the number of DUI arrests rises with a significant jump between age 18 and 19.

Boulder teen DUI by age
Age DUI Arrests
15 2
16 15
17 40
18 87
19 195

Boulder Teen DUI Arrests by Substance

A far greater percentage of teens were arrested while under the influence of drugs than adults in the same reporting period (2009-2016). The number of arrests including both alcohol and drugs was also higher among teens.
Boulder teen DUI arrests by substance
Substance DUI Arrests
Alcohol 225
Drugs 72
Alcohol & Drugs 39

Yearly DUI Fact Sheets – Boulder, CO

To view Boulder DUI Statistics organized by year click on a year below to view a one page DUI fact sheet for that year.


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