The treasurer of a high school volleyball booster club was arrested recently. The Colorado woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the club for her personal use. She faces criminal offense charges for theft.

The volleyball coach contacted the local police department after seeing a story on the news covering the treasurer’s arrest for a separate crime. The woman was arrested for embezzling $170,000 from her employer in March 2013. The coach was concerned because there was money reportedly missing from the booster club, and the coach allegedly had been unable to contact the woman for several months.

During the course of the investigation, the authorities found that over $8,500 of the club’s money was spent at supermarkets and a cellphone store on items that were likely not for the volleyball players. A warrant for the woman’s arrest was said to have been issued in November, but she was only recently arrested. Her separate embezzlement case is still ongoing.

Just because the Colorado woman is currently a suspect in a separate criminal case does not mean that she is also guilty of the theft charges. In both ongoing cases, the woman is facing criminal offense charges, but she remains innocent until, and only if, prosecutors can prove otherwise according to the strict standards of our criminal justice system. If prosecutors cannot prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt, the charges against the woman could ultimately be reduced or even dropped. Moreover, the woman may have an opportunity to pursue a plea agreement regarding all outstanding charges as a means of potentially limiting her exposure at sentencing.

Source:, Chatfield Senior High School Spikers Booster Club treasurer Kathleen McGrath arrested for theft, Deb Stanley, March 18, 2014