Some groups want to implement even more control on weapons and firearms, yet other groups argue having more armed civilians will make our college campuses and educational institutions safer. The increase in the number of mass shootings has sure made national headlines in the past three decades and the age old argument of Americans’ right to bear arms is going through yet another round of debates both for and against gun control. But not everyone who owns a gun is a criminal.

Let’s be clear, mass murder is a major concern and more so after the pre-Christmas holiday shooting on the East Coast, but we will not get into the philosophical arguments either for or against gun control. As a criminal defense law firm our focus is the law, specifically criminal law and when it comes to weapons charges and the possession of certain firearms, everyone deserves an aggressive defense of his or her rights. And that includes defending against overly aggressive police and prosecutors who want to arrest innocent civilians who have a legal right to own and possess a firearm.

There are a number of states including Colorado that have what are called concealed carry laws where citizens can apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The majority of college campuses across the country ban weapons and firearms on its premises, with few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the University of Colorado Boulder which recently changed its policy to match that of the state’s after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of a lawsuit brought by the Students for Concealed Carry group.

The group sued the University of Colorado Boulder last March in an effort to make the university’s policies consistent with Colorado’s conceal carry law. Now guns are allowed in most campus locations, including classrooms, however they remain banned in the majority of residence halls and sporting events that require a ticket to attend. This is according to a spokesperson for the Colorado University Police Department.

Since the change there have been no instances of anyone firing a gun on campus, said the spokesperson. A Boulder newspaper did report an incident a few weeks prior to the ruling that involved two people being injured after a staff member’s gun was accidentally fired at the University of Colorado’s Denver medical campus. The staff member did have a concealed carry permit. It is not the job of a criminal defense attorney to take sides in any criminal matter, unless it is on the side of protecting his or her client’s rights.

Source: BG News, ” Weapons, firearms banned throughout campus,” Eric Lagatta, Jan. 9, 2013