Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is known as “liquidation bankruptcy.” Debtors will give all of their non-exempt assets to the bankruptcy trustee and in exchange, all of their dischargeable debt is wiped away.
Rarely, though, do trustees find any assets.  Our job is to help you keep your home, vehicles and other property and still help you discharge your debt.
A Chapter 7 case is quick.  It can usually be opened and closed in about three and a half months.  
The three costs for a Chapter 7 case are:
$1100 to $2000 Attorney Fee
$335 Filing Fee Paid to Court
$20 Prefiling Credit Counseling Class
Payment plans are available.  
MyBankruptcyTeam can begin assembling 
your case before the fees are fully paid.
Most of the Chapter 7 cases filed in Colorado are “no-asset” cases.  In other words, if the circumstances are right and your attorney is skilled with pre-filing asset planning, the trustee should only find exempt or valueless property in your estate.  Your assets should be ignored and your debts will simply be discharged.  In most cases, the debtor loses nothing.
There are several Chapter 7 cases that are not filed with a MyBankruptcyTeam attorney where a mistake by an attorney or unrepresented debtor results in debtors losing their vehicles, bank accounts, wages, and homes.  Mistakes can also lead to dismissal and denial of discharge.
We will help you know if you qualify to file Chapter 7.  
We are often able to help people file under 
Chapter 7 who think they don’t qualify.
In 2005 the federal law changed making it harder to file under Chapter 7.   The main focus is your household income.  If your income is higher than the median income in Utah for your household size, you cannot file under Chapter 7.  You can immediately see the tables published by the Department of Justice showing the state median income by clicking here.
The size of your household, the nature of your income and certain unique household expenses can be analyzed to help you qualify.  Our experience with that analysis will raise the likelihood you can receive the quick discharge that comes in a Chapter 7 case.
Research the topics above to see what you get from
an experienced law firm focused on bankruptcy practice.
MyBankruptcyTeam will use years of experience with the law, local practice and individual trustees to maximize your discharge and protect your property.

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