Petition Authoring

Your petitions will be written and prepared by MyBankruptcyTeam, an attorney managed firm with more than 20 years of experience in consumer bankruptcy. Each petition is reviewed by our legal staff to help you manage unique client issues and attend hearings with confidence.

Your case will be managed by our staff and CaseDriver, the only online portal that combines authoring, document collection and case management for
bankruptcy attorneys.

How much of your work can you pass to us?

Once you announce a new case, we introduce ourselves to your client and begin ​collecting documents. You will watch on your office computers as we organize each document and file them for you onto a secure network drive. You can view the entire client file instantly from Windows on any computer or on your smart phone or tablet with Dropbox.

All of your client’s legal questions are instantly available for you to review. You can monitor all of the work and the dialogue between us, your own staff and each of your clients. We primarily use Best Case Bankruptcy for each of the cases we draft. Your BCB, or Best Case data file, is constantly available for your review through the network drive.

We prepare your case for client signing after performing edits at your direction. Thereafter we prep the paystubs, the full petition, the CCC and documents unique to each jurisdiction. We will file your case through ECF.

Even after all that, our work isn’t finished. We move documents to the assigned trustee according to the Local Rules and deadlines. We will help you prep your client for the 341 and gather the necessary documents for the meeting.

For your Chapter 7 cases, after the 341 hearing CaseDriver will help you stay on top of unique directives from the trustee, submit reaffirmations and deal with post filing creditor issues. To finalize the case, we will gather the Personal Financial Management Certificates and file them to the case and then send your clients an email to announce their discharge.


The MyBankruptcyTeam brand is operated by MBT Case Management, LLC. The MyBankruptcyTeam website is used by some attorneys who rely on the MBT brand for marketing and advertising. It is available for your client’s research as well.

Our services extend to law firms in more than 12 states from California to Massachusetts. We continue to expand into states and jurisdictions where we work closely with individual trustees and local rules. By growing these relationships we perform thorough case management for attorneys throughout the country.

Because of this experience, we deliver extraordinarily concise review of your cases and highlight red-flag issues giving recommended solutions. We invite you to join so many other attorneys who are confidently going to court ​with MyBankruptcyTeam petitions in hand.

We get your Chapter 13’s confirmed.

It is one thing to write a petition and a plan. But the true value of your Chapter 13 case and the fee that goes with it, is not realized unless the plan is confirmed. We do that for you. We aim to see confirmations by consent so you’re not in court, but in your office landing more clients and generating revenue.

We make your 341 hearings boring.

Do you walk into your 341 hearings worried an issue has been overlooked? Unsure of an asset that may have been forgotten? Or, anxious about the documents required by the trustee?

MyBankruptcyTeam and CaseDriver take away that fear. Your trustees will have what they need before the hearing. The Schedules, SOFA and Means Test will coincide. The Means Test will reflect every expense we can find and correlate with the budget. The secured debt, collateral and intent will be clearly defined. The list goes on.

You will have a concise summary in your hand and heightened confidence. Attorneys using MyBankruptcyTeam and CaseDriver sit through short boring hearings. Just the way they like them.

After the 341, the trustee directives, 45 day post 341 reaffirmation deadline and Personal Financial Management certificates never slip through the cracks. CaseDriver and the MBT staff will see your case to the end.

You can finally shift your workday from administrative overload to practicing law.

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David helped my brother resolve a case that was dragging on and on with a public defender within 10 days of me reaching out to him (and got a much better deal for my brother). Worth the money and is very nice to work with!

A. Penner, • 5 STARS ON GOOGLE

Mr. Moorhead is professional and intelligent. He is extremely good at navigating the legal system. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services.

Julie H., • 5 STARS ON YELP

David Moorhead was a miracle worker. We hired him to finish a case that kept going on and on for years by an overworked public defender. He got it done in days. Not only did he get it done in days, he went beyond what we hired him to do and got a way better agreement than we anticipated. I can’t recommend him enough.

S. Parker, • 5 STARS ON GOOGLE