Five people have been arrested amidst accusations of armed robbery in Colorado Springs. Colorado police suspect that the five individuals were involved in a crime that included the intimidation of a juvenile by using a firearm in order to steal his backpack, which they purportedly believed to contain items of value. The victim supposedly aided police in finding the suspects so that they could be arrested, and now they must begin their criminal defense against the charges that they face.

According to the report, at about 5:30 p.m. in north Colorado Springs, a juvenile claimed that he was robbed by two men. One of the two men purportedly used a firearm in order to steal the victim’s backpack, which contained a laptop and an undisclosed amount of cash. Shortly after the incident, the victim claims to have seen one of the alleged suspects inside a Ford Explorer.

The Explorer’s license plate number was given to investigating officers, and the officers tracked down the residence where the plates were registered. When police arrived, the vehicle was in the driveway, and there were eight potential suspects inside the Explorer as well as two firearms and other alleged evidence. Out of the eight people, the officers arrested five — two adults and three juveniles — and charged them with aggravated robbery.

While Colorado police may think that they have a solid case against the accused individuals, the primary evidence they seem to have so far is the testimony of the victim. However, eyewitness testimony is often misconstrued. It is possible that as the investigation continues, new evidence might surface that could favor the criminal defense of the accused individuals, which might ultimately affect the results of their individual criminal proceedings.

Source:, Juvenile robbed at gunpoint in north Colorado Springs, Travis Ruiz, Dec. 31, 2013