After a series of thefts and other crimes occurred in Denver over the past few weeks, the police arrested three individuals whom they suspect to be responsible for the alleged crimes. The three face unspecified charges related to their alleged felonies. The Colorado police are still investigating the crimes, and they believe there are several other suspects involved.

The investigators say that the crimes occurred between Jan. 24 and Feb. 18. The three have been accused of crimes varying from street robberies and auto theft to attempted murder. After receiving a report of a car jacking, the police set up a perimeter in hopes of catching the suspects.

The police believed that the suspects were in another stolen vehicle, so once that vehicle was spotted, the pursuit began. The three were arrested after the police executed a “pit” maneuver to stop the vehicle. The specific charges that each individual faces at this time are unknown, but it is clear that the police suspect them to have been involved in multiple crimes. The report gives a list of at least 15 robberies that the three are suspected of doing.

Since the crimes seem to vary so much in type and extremity — and since it seems like the police are not sure how many suspects could even have been involved — it appears as if the authorities may have a hard time providing enough evidence for the alleged crimes be upheld in court. The Colorado prosecution must establish every single element of the felonies and other assumed charges against each individual defendant in order to obtain a conviction, a requirement that is meant to protect innocent people from being convicted of crimes they did not commit. If this is not possible, then it is likely that one or more of the accused persons could have charges against them dropped or reduced.

Source:, Denver Police arrest 3 members of suspected robbery theft ring that has terrorized metro Denver, Lance Hernandez, Feb. 18, 2014