Despite the highly addictive and dangerous side effects of methamphetamine, the drug has become a significant problem in our state. Not only is the drug itself dangerous, but the methods use to make it are as well, especially for persons who make the drug within their own residence. After an investigation spanning a two year period, 28 people were arrested in Denver under suspicion of criminal drug charges.

Federal authorities in Colorado claim that the investigation stemmed from increased methamphetamine production within residences. These individuals have been charged with various drug offenses for their alleged involvement in the meth operation. An estimated 300 law enforcement agents from local, state and federal departments supposedly participated in the investigation. They suspect that the individuals were tied to two crime organizations based in Colorado.

These organizations are the Gangster Disciples and the Gonzalez-Cepeva/Quintero group. One of the alleged organizations is suspected of having ties will the 211 gang, which is also reportedly dangerous. In addition to manufacturing meth in the Colorado residences, the authorities suspect that the 28 individuals were involved in the trafficking of other drugs as well. These substances include heroin, cocaine and crack.

When so many people are arrested and face criminal drug charges for supposedly being involved with criminal organizations, it typically will incur a lot of media attention across Colorado and even nationally. Regardless, each of the 28 individuals retains the presumption of innocence as well as certain legal rights which must be protected. As each of their criminal proceedings move forward, they will have the chance to refute any evidence that the prosecution attempts to use against them.

Source: CBS Denver, “Major Drug-Trafficking Bust Nets 28 Arrests”, June 6, 2014