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Drastic increase in seniors committing crimes of all degrees

Persons who are accused of committing crimes vary in gender, race and age. However, the crime rate for one particular demographic has dramatically increased in Colorado in recent years. More and more, persons over the age of 50 are being arrested and accused of committing criminal offenses of all degrees.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, the arrest rates for elderly persons have increased by 85 percent since 2004. The crimes of which these American seniors are accused are extremely varied, but there is one criminal pattern in particular that is troubling police officers. It seems as if the seniors who are not retired and do not get a government pension are targeting retired seniors because they comprise a large portion of this country's wealth.

Colorado criminal defense on tap for woman charged with extortion

A woman in Colorado was recently arrested on charges of extortion. In most states, extortion is defined as the obtaining of money or property by using force or threats. Authorities say she concocted a fake kidnapping scheme in order to extort $600 from her own family. As this somewhat bizarre case now heads to court, the accused woman must necessarily turn her attention to preparing and presenting a criminal defense that protects her interests and is geared toward achieving a satisfactory result.

The family of the Colorado woman reportedly received a text message on a recent Monday morning in Monte Vista. The message reportedly informed them that she had been kidnapped. A demand was purportedly made for the payment of a ransom in the amount of $600. The message allegedly threatened that, unless the ransom was paid, she would be murdered.

Man suspected of robbery may have to face felony offense charges

Shortly after 10 p.m. on a recent Tuesday night, police in Colorado received an alarm about a robbery in progress. A call was sent out to officers on patrol, and one police officer happened to be very close to the convenience store from where the alarm originated. Felony offense reports like this one are featured in the media on an almost daily basis.

The police officer was in his patrol vehicle and could reportedly see a hooded man standing in front of the counter in the store. He said that he attempted to stop the man upon his exit from the store; however, the suspect reportedly started running and got into a car that left immediately. Police officers identified the vehicle soon afterwards and pulled it over. According to police reports the man who was seen in the store tried to flee on foot but was apprehended by police.

Booster club treasurer faces criminal offense charges for theft

The treasurer of a high school volleyball booster club was arrested recently. The Colorado woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the club for her personal use. She faces criminal offense charges for theft.

The volleyball coach contacted the local police department after seeing a story on the news covering the treasurer's arrest for a separate crime. The woman was arrested for embezzling $170,000 from her employer in March 2013. The coach was concerned because there was money reportedly missing from the booster club, and the coach allegedly had been unable to contact the woman for several months.

Man accused of murder and arson in Colorado

A young man was recently arrested and accused of being involved in a violent crime. The man is accused of murdering a Colorado resident then setting fire to the man's home, where the 22-year-old was also living. He was taken into police custody on charges of suspicion of murder and arson.

The man was not a Colorado native, and he had just moved into the victim's home about a week or two prior to the incident. Some of the victim's neighbors stated that the man moved in after reportedly seeing the ad on Craigslist. The neighbors also commented that the suspect had complained to them about the living situation.

Man found guilty of bank fraud, tax evasion -- 71-month sentence

A man has recently been sentenced in his federal white collar crime case. The Colorado man was arrested on June 26, 2013, and he was found guilty by a jury of crimes -- including bank fraud and tax evasion -- on Nov. 5, 2013. He was ultimately sentenced to 71 months in federal prison as well as other consequences.

The man apparently was self-employed and worked both as a general contractor, doing residential construction projects, and as a real estate investor. From mid-2005 to early 2008, he allegedly knowingly avoided paying large income and self-employment taxes that he owed the IRS. In an effort to conceal his income, he supposedly used trusts to hide more than $90,000.

Man faces theft charge, alleged burglary of CSU baseball facility

A man was arrested for purportedly stealing merchandise and memorabilia from the Colorado State University-Pueblo baseball facility. The man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items and allegedly trying to pawn them. The Colorado man was charged with felony theft and felony burglary after the alleged incident.

Late last month, members of the baseball staff reported that the facility had been broken into and numerous items were missing. Among these items were autographed photos, baseball bats and fielding gloves. It is unclear why, but the police suspected that someone had been trying to pawn the items. Some deputies allegedly found the 27-year-old outside of a pawn shop wearing CSU-Pueblo practice gear.

3 arrested for alleged string of felonies in Colorado

After a series of thefts and other crimes occurred in Denver over the past few weeks, the police arrested three individuals whom they suspect to be responsible for the alleged crimes. The three face unspecified charges related to their alleged felonies. The Colorado police are still investigating the crimes, and they believe there are several other suspects involved.

The investigators say that the crimes occurred between Jan. 24 and Feb. 18. The three have been accused of crimes varying from street robberies and auto theft to attempted murder. After receiving a report of a car jacking, the police set up a perimeter in hopes of catching the suspects.

New law could mean harsher punishment for multiple DUI conviction

Out of all of the states within our nation, Colorado has some of the more lenient drunk driving laws. Colorado is one of six states in which every DUI charge is a misdemeanor, regardless of how many times an individual has previously been convicted. However, lawmakers in Boulder County and elsewhere within the state are attempting to toughen this law.

If an individual is convicted of DUI, the harshest sentence that the charge could bring is a year in county jail. The charge is only upgraded to a felony if the driver injured or killed another person. Lawmakers have seen numerous cases where persons with multiple DUI convictions have caused fatal accidents due to the fact that they were driving under the influence once again. Some lawmakers believe that, by toughening these laws, they can prevent many of these accidents from happening.

Colorado woman faces felony offense for fatal hit-and-run

After an incident occurred late last month near Windsor, a woman recently turned herself in after a warrant for her arrest was issued. The woman was accused of hitting and fatally injuring a bicyclist while driving in her car, and she also reportedly left the scene of the accident. The Colorado woman was charged with a felony offense as well as other misdemeanor crimes.

On Jan. 25, the woman was allegedly driving her car on the northbound frontage road. A short distance north of the Windsor exit, she supposedly was involved in an accident between her vehicle and a bicyclist. The time of day as well as the weather conditions at the time of the alleged accident were not provided.

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